Hi, I'm Avra.

For the past 5 years, I worked as a PhD researcher studying the primary processes of photosynthesis and the light-harvesting mechanisms in cyanobacteria. I used various scientific tools and systems modeling techniques to understand these processes. During my research, I authored 10 peer-reviewed publications, and one of the significant findings was on probing the direct excitation energy transfer from phycobilisomes to the photosystem I in vivo. You can read more about my research work and see my publications here.

While working on my PhD, I developed a strong interest in scientific coding and technology. Initially, I started by building simple GUIs to aid my research, which gradually led me to explore more complex applications using the latest AI technologies and Large Language Models (LLMs). I also worked on a few open-source projects, which we eventually managed to publish in form of a peer-reviewed article (link to the article) and as a book chapter (link to the book chapter).

Seeing the potential of AI and fast advancements of LLMs, I decided to pivot my career to the tech industry. I joined Databutton, an exciting AI startup, where we are creating the first autonomous AI app builder that lets anyone build full-stack web apps through conversation (aka prompting). In my current job, I help builders to create full-stack web apps and also educate users on how to use the latest AI stacks and LLMs in their products.